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A Taste of the Ranch

Pine Mountain Ranch is dedicated to growing the best food possible while minimally impacting the environment.  Our bison and yaks have small hooves, which help to aerate the pastures while doing little damage to the soil and grasses.  Our chickens are raised on the same pasture, where they follow the larger animals, cleaning up like dung beetles and controlling pests while leaving behind nitrogen rich droppings.  This is our source of fertilizer, further diminishing the animals footprint on the environment.  Our goal is to introduce as many native species as possible, including guinea fowl, ducks, goose, and  heritage chickens and turkeys.  Sustainability is key; the land will sustain the animals, which in turn sustain the people living off the land. We never use medications, hormones or antibiotics.

We are committed to using local resources as much as possible. Local farmers grow the grains that we use to feed our pastured poultry. We use a local butcher for our USDA  processing.  We support the local feeds stores and grain mills, and buy our winter hay from Central Oregon growers. Our workers are paid a sustainable wage and are legal to work in this country.

You can reach us at 541-312-0185. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@pmrbuffalo.com.

PM Ranch with Three Sisters background